Corporate $800
Christmas Parties $600
Weddings $600
Adult Birthday $600
Learning Seminar $600
Strolling $250 per hour/part of Min $300
Escape Act $600
Kids Birthday Show $400


Chappelly the Magician

Award Nights for Companies. Usually hundreds of people at the event in a formal setting. Comedy magic to break up the evening. The CEO and prominent persons are involved in the show.

Chappelly the Magician
Christmas Parties

At the end of the year, staff and families like to have a great time together at the Christmas Party. There's nothing like a magician walking around the groups performing magic and then having a fun stage show where there is heaps of audience involvement.

Chappelly the Magician

Magical entertainment adds something that the bride, groom and guests will remember for a long time. I have magical pieces that I have designed specifically for weddings. These range from card and ring tricks to an illusion where the couple support each other throughout the illusion.

Chappelly the Magician
Adult Birthday Parties

Strolling around the party guests, showing them tricks right up close. Then we have a fun stage show with plenty of audience participation. Of course the birthday person is involved in the final illusion. This is a great photo shot and a great memento of the occasion.
30 minute Strolling
40 minute Show

Chappelly the Magician
Kids Birthday Parties

A fun show for all the kids. Heaps of interaction with the kids assisting me with the routines. A lot of fun, laughter and amazement. The Birthday child assists with an illusion. Everything is discussed with the parent(s) beforehand. The kids will talk about this for a long time.
30 minute Show

Chappelly the Magician
Strolling Magic

Performing magic for individuals and groups at all types of functions. The magic is right up close and involves everyday items such as cards, rings, coins, notes, rope etc. People love to see magic up close.

Chappelly the Magician
Learning Seminar

My Pain Induced Learning Seminar is a tongue-in-cheek session on basic learning principles demonstrated with magic. It includes general magic, mind magic and a very painful learning activity (only for me). I don't like doing this one too often.

Chappelly the Magician
Escape Act

I have a highly original escape act. I am secured in a straitjacket, then put into a mail bag which is closed and bound with rope. Finally it is clasped and locked so it can't possibly be opened. I get out of this in full view of the audience, no curtains, nothing. Another act that I don't like doing as I am claustrophobic!!!

Chappelly the Magician
Magic and Mind Reading

Presenting Psychic Marnie,the Greatest Mindreader in the world. She will tell you things about yourself even you didn't know.