Chappelly the Magician

When I was 5 years old living in Teneriffe Brisbane, my Dad gave me a book titled "Card Tricks for the Amateur Magician." This started off a life-long love of magic and performing skills. From these early stages, I would love it when my parents had friends around for a party at our house. They would be sitting on folding chairs underneath the old Hills Hoist, drinking xxxx and eating sausages from the barbie. I would come around and entertain them with my magic tricks. No matter how basic the trick was, and some were pretty basic, they all enjoyed it.

Despite all my life experiences, I'm still performing magic at parties and other events. Kids and adults of all ages still love being entertained by magic.. It is so gratifying to be responsible for people having a sense of wonder and laughing and enjoying themselves.

I am a qualified teacher,

I bring to my magic the skills that I have picked up over the years. Each week, I perform at parties with people from 1-100 years of age, and major events such as weddings and award ceremonies. I train individuals and groups in circus-type skills such as unicycle and juggling. I conduct my own seminar on Learning that incorporates magic and educational learning principles. I can structure my magic for any occasion. Each performance is specifically designed for the client and their needs.

I make my magic as unique as possible.

I have a vast bank of material to draw from, which makes repeat performances still exciting. I constantly refresh my material and think of different presentations. The emphasis of my performances is on magic, comedy and plenty of audience involvement. . . . . . ."Fantastic Workshop. It was just what I needed for the clowning unit" Jess (Drama Teacher)

"Fantastic show. The girls will remember this for many years." Ronnie( Extremely satisfied client ).

"Every Christmas event you do something different and exciting " (Anthony, Event Organizer).