Chappelly the Magician

When I was 5 years old living in Teneriffe Brisbane, my Dad gave me a book titled "Card Tricks for the Amateur Magician." This started off a life-long love of magic and performing skills. From these early stages, I would love it when my parents had friends around for a party at our house. They would be sitting on folding chairs underneath the old Hills Hoist, drinking xxxx from the keg  and eating steaks from the barbie. I would come around and entertain them with my magic tricks. No matter how basic the trick was, and some were pretty basic, they all enjoyed it.

Chappelly the Magician

Chappelly the Magician Chappelly the Magician Chappelly the Magician

I'm a magician, from Brisbane and have been performing and practising magic since the age of 5. Over this time I have performed just about every type of magic show, from preschools to nursing homes, weddings, divorces, youth shelters, corporate functions, business Christmas parties, sporting and recreational clubs, kids shows and private birthdays for all ages, shopping centres and speciality shows, charity events, escape and juggling acts.

My magic is organic- no fancy apparatus or scantily clad beautiful assistant (I can't afford one). I use everyday objects such as rope,cards, rings, coins, $100 notes etc. I do however have a number of illusions that involve spectators. These are dangerous illusions but the spectator always triumphs. My shows aren't about me, but more about the spectators who assist me.

My goal for all of my magic is to create truly memorable experiences for my audiences. My key words are Fun, Astonishment, Interaction, Rapport and Humour. . . . . . .


Chappelly the Magician

"Your show was so great. All my friends and family were amazed. We had a fantastic time."
Abbey M (8 yo)

"I will be telling everyone that my mum got sawed in half yesterday and thanks again for the great show."
Harry (10yo)


"Thank you for your professionalism, expertise and fantastic tricks which will be remembered for years. "